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Pioneering Solutions in Sales and Education. Manage your business and training more effectively, wherever you are, with our online products tailored to your corporate or individual needs. Our software simplifies your tasks and enhances your development opportunities by offering personalized solutions

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Under the roof of SeedCom Group and in cooperation with our leading companies in their fields, we provide a long-term environment of trust with the software, application and marketing solutions we specially design for our customers. We accept our customers as an innovative and reliable business partner and support their projects with our state-of-the-art software applications. We develop online software and application solutions, focusing particularly on the sales and education sectors.



On Plus

Discover the impressive capabilities offered to you with OnPlus… We provide you with a comprehensive online platform exclusively owned by your company. It enables you to digitize your business processes or recruitment procedures, allowing you to organize online training sessions. Additionally, you can share training for the development of all your teams on the platform, publish content, add and sell your products. With its integrated CRM feature, you can maintain constant communication with your staff and customer network, conduct analyses, and track your offers and sales.


On Partner

OnPartner Network Marketing, the leading MLM software for direct sales; we offer a comprehensive end-to-end software solution tailored for direct selling companies. All processes and tools are seamlessly integrated online, consolidated under a single software platform. The included tools and processes are customized to meet your specific needs, enabling you to efficiently organize your sales activities. This encompasses new user registrations, product purchases, marketplace operations, fees, commissions, management, accounting, billing, and more.


Our companies, CREA UNION, CREA MOTION, CREAFORCE, SALESLIFE, and CREAWARE, focus on digital projects in the sales and training sectors. We automate your business processes with software, media, marketing, and training services. We provide you with the opportunity to grow and develop in the time you save.



We conduct a detailed analysis of your needs and objectives. Through a comprehensive analysis, we tailor our existing software to meet your specific requirements, thoroughly examine your business processes, and collaborate with you to determine the most suitable solutions. As a result of this process, we establish a solid foundation at the core of the project, bringing the software to a state where you can utilize it with maximum efficiency.


We create a plan for the most effective utilization of analyzed data before entering the development stage. After receiving your input and approval, we commence the design and development. During the planning process, we establish a roadmap to be followed throughout the project while also ensuring flexibility to swiftly respond to evolving needs.


Our design process aims to maximize customer satisfaction by combining aesthetics and usability, reliability, and efficiency, starting with user-friendly interfaces. Adhering to the specified features and design, we code the software tailored to your needs with our experienced and expert development team. Throughout the development process, we establish continuous communication and feedback loops, involving our customers in the process and working to ensure their satisfaction at every stage.


With our expert support team, we provide comprehensive assistance and training to ensure you get the maximum value from our services. We offer continuous guidance and support to optimize customer experiences.


To adapt to evolving technology and modernizations, we continually monitor updates. We bring advancements in sales, marketing, network development, and customer satisfaction, providing training as needed. We enhance your business operations, customer experiences, and sales, optimizing your workflow for better results and increased customer satisfaction. Through these integrations, you can streamline processes, strengthen communication, and ultimately grow your business.


By combining the experiences accumulated in sales, training, and marketing processes with the superior skills of our technical team, we assist your organization in being positioned beyond customer expectations in the increasingly competitive landscape.